Our Activities

Upcoming Activities

Awareness Sessions Targeting Women Candidates & Voters
  • Organization and conduct of lessons learned exercises on four components of the project;
  • Release and dissemination of the 2018 parliamentary elections results brochure;
  • Development of a gender focused research paper on the 2018 parliamentary elections;
  • Development of a thematic research paper on voter education initiatives during the 2018 parliamentary elections;
  • Thematic exhibition on Gender and Elections;
  • Continuous technical assistance and advisory support to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) and the Supervisory Commission for Elections (SCE).

Main Achievements

UNDP LEAP provided technical assistance and advisory support to the Lebanese government to prepare, organize and conduct the 2016 local and 2018 parliamentary elections, in accordance with international standards. During the preparation for the conduct of these national elections, UNDP LEAP provided worked closely with the electoral management body in Lebanon – the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities – and the Supervisory Commission for Elections (during the parliamentary elections) in key areas such as:
  • Voter registration update,
  • Voter education awareness campaigns,
  • Candidates and list registration,
  • Results management system,
  • Electoral operations and logistics,
  • Electoral dispute resolution system,
  • Training and capacity building,
  • Hotline call center,
  • Procurement of electoral materials such as ballot boxes and polling booths Accreditation of observers and media,
  • Accessibility of data and communication.

In addition, UNDP LEAP supported the Constitutional Council in enhancing its administrative capacities to facilitate their work during the post parliamentary elections period where the council is expecting to receive electoral challenges.

Under the framework of Voter Education, UNDP LEAP developed and produced several awareness campaigns targeting the public at large, women and youth, aiming at encouraging them to participate in elections.

UNDP LEAP also collaborated and partnered with UN agencies and UNDP projects, as well as civil society to enhance women’s participation, as candidates and voters, in elections in an effective way.

Under the same context, the project conducted several info sessions targeting women and youth across the country to provide them with information on the new electoral law.